Welfare Activities

Free Medical Center:
The trust has three Free Medical Centers in Dhaka. It also gives financial assistance to various other free medical centers located at different parts of Bangladesh. The trust has a large budget set aside for such purposes.

Free Investigation & Free Hospitalization:
The trust has a separate budget, which helps to facilitate free investigation and hospitalization services for those in need.

Free operation and treatment for cleft-lipped childreen.

Walk Well:
Free operation and treatment for club feet babies.

Students Stipend:
The trust offers annual stipend to poor and meritorious students belonging to various educational institutions within the country. The annual expenditure for this cause is on the increase. Financial Assistants to Periodicals & Newspapers: The trust provides assistance to various newspapers and magazines published within the country which endeavor, to upload Islamic teachings, cultures and ideologies.

Financial Assistance to the Distressed:
The trust offers financial assistance to disabled, unemployed, widowed people and families who are in distress. A large budget is kept aside for the purpose.

Co-operation for Spreading Education:
The trust extends its co-operation every year to locally run schools and Madrashas that work to spread Islamic education and moral standards within our society.

Islamic Dawa Program:
The trust has a separate budget for free distribution of copies of the Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic publications.

Staff Welfare Program:
This program is designed to continuously improve the welfare of the staff. Large investments have been made in this sector.

Financial Help in Case of Natural Calamities:
The Ibn Sina trust extends co-operation in giving relief through distribution of materials and medicines free of cost and makes arrangement of rehabilitation during natural calamities. To date, a large amount of financial assistance has been given to the cause.

Ibn Sina Marriage Media:
To insure dowry free marriage Ibn Sina Trust started a marriage media. Aready 80 marriage successfully completed by this media

Ibn sina trust taken the responsibility of about 1 KM road island beatification at satmasjid road from last few years. All works of tree plantation, nursing and maintenance are going very carefully from then.

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